Hughie (Cherox Houdini) Pure Bred Arabian pictured here at 29 years.

Cherox Houdini...27 years next birthday, at the 2105 Nthn Rivers 'A' Premier Arabian Show, looking OK for his age!


For as long as I remember, I have always loved horses and have owned many.
As a child, I rode a lovely grey half Crabbet Arabian 'All-rounder'.
There was nothing he couldn't do. We hacked, campdrafted, Showjumped, Pony Club sporting events,he was
my mode of transport...we often rode to the next town for something to do.
His name was Silver, not very original, but i didn't care...
he was the centre of my world when I was very young and I loved him dearly
That's me on Silver, no helmet,
awful baggy joddies,those were the days!!

Denise (Stranger), Fran (Hushaby), Sal (Silver)......

.Fran on Pinto
......Fran (Silver), Denise (Stranger) Coota1961

Recently back in the saddle!! after 23 years


Fran and the gorgeous Pure Arabian mare Stratfield Fantazia.

My current gorgeous pure bred Arabian boy "Cherox Houdini"
aka Hughie aged 23 him to bits!
Big thank you to breeder Cheri Blackman of Cherox Arabians,
and also to each of Hughie's previous owners.
I could not wish for a better horse!!


Trysten, Lucinda. Stormy & Saint 1988

 I now regret selling my beautiful Tommy

This is the first Thoroughbred foal that I bred....and on the right is her dam as a foal     


Rocky, another homebred.

Rocky loved his river swims