Below: Casmara/JR Diva Desiree and  CH Casmara/JR Connery babies born June 2014

                                                                                       Paddy above.....                        Polly below
Pirie & Paddy

                                                      Below: CH Casmara/JR Gold Rush & Multi CH Bjorsatters Peer Gynt (imp Sweden) Pups born June 2014


ABOVE:      Toots and Wolli pups born mid November 2013.


AUCH Casmara/JR Connery          AUCH Casmara/JR Gold Rush

Gold Rush &Sean's babies 



AUCH Casmara/JR Top Command (Topsy) has had 3 gorgeous babes....2 F and 1 M.
Born on July 12, proud dad is AUCH Wollumbingil Wollemi (Wolli)

Topsy and Wolli's little trio at 4.5 weeks


Tootsie and Wolli 's puppies were born 211111.
I have enjoyed  taking care of the darling girls for 8 weeks,

they are now in their forever homes with their new families.

Thank you so much to these wonderful families.

Jigsaw, Jenna, Jahara, Jaffa 7 weeks.


The sweet little ladies
 Jigsaw,  Jahara, Jenna, Jaffa

At almost 3 weeks
L to R:  Jaffa, Jenna, Jigsaw & Jahara.

Diamond the Norwich Terrier adores the JRT puppies.


Penny (Casmara/JR Masquerade)  had a lovely litter of pups, 3M and 1F born July 5  2011
These little sweethearts are now settled into their new homes.Thank you so much to the lovely people who now own these babies.
As a breeder, all I really want is wonderful, loving homes for my puppies.
These puppies have certainly found the best forever homes. 

Gee, it's warm in here!

M, F and Pen having a snuggle

Penny and son


are some pics of Casmara puppies from years gone by.
Casmara/JR Mysterious


Mysterious, Masquerade, Marius, Marieke, Madagascar, Marcus & Mercedes
Flicka's last litter.

Puppy Enquiries are welcome.

I take pride in rearing litters to the best of my ability,
supplying puppies with both top quality food, 
 the best of care and Veterinary treatment and of course
a whole lot of love during the
first weeks of life.

First vaccination given at six weeks of age, C3 parvo,hepatitis,distemper.)
Second vacc. at ten weeks. (C5 parvo, hepatitis, distemper, kennel cough.)
Third vac. at 14 weeks. (Booster C5) Then follows annual boosters.

Puppies are all m/chipped for positive identification.

Wormed at 2, 4, 6 & 8 weeks with Drontal Syrup.
At 10 & 12 weeks a quarter of a drontal tablet can be given –
or whatever your vet advises according to puppy’s weight.
Thereafter, worming treatment should be given at
6 months, 9 months and twelve months.

When puppy is no longer with Mum, calcium supplements should be given.
Try ‘Sandoz’ or ‘Troy’, according to the directions on the product.

My puppies enjoy:-
Pal puppy porridge
Advance Puppy plus rehydrateable
(or a good quality dry food)
Minced steak (beef or kangaroo)
Minced chicken
Raw brisket bones
Raw chicken necks under supervision
Di-vetelact formula from vet or pet shop 
A little ‘my dog’ mixed with Advance dry
Cheese, also bonio.
Good quality yoghurt, unsweetened.

When taken home to a new family, puppies tend to eat little.
This soon settles in the new environment.

Adults should make sure that children allow puppy his own space for his sleeps,
he is still a baby.

Very small children should not be left with a new baby puppy unsupervised!
It is up to us as adults to take responsibility and teach children proper animal care.

My breeding stock are DNA profiled and  receive annual Ophthalmic Examinations. 
I always welcome questions or advice re any concerns from my puppy buyers.

Puppy kindy followed by a Basic Obedience course works wonders
and makes for a happier puppy and owner!


Fran Kinnear